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We're Agent Friendly!!!

At AMG, our goal is to provide assistance in growing your practice by providing more than just product. Not that we don't have an outstanding portfolio - we do.  But we don't think of you as just as another case to process, rather we believe you are the most important partner we have.

AMG provides tools and marketing assistance to help you expand the scope of your practice. Call us nosy in a good way....we learn what you do and in turn work with you to develop programs tailored to fit your personal approach. 

We will assist you in the development of an internet marketing system that is more than just a www line on your card.  We watch the clock, because we understand that time is your most valuable asset, but we will take the time to bring you concepts that you can use to expand your business. 

Visit our Marketing Page and then talk to us - you will find that our motto "Expect Something Different" is more than just a phrase.

The Evolution Is Here !!!!!!

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EZ Life is our proprietary one page application (paper or paperless) that is the same for all of our life carriers.  Using either a customized link on your website, an emailed link to your client or through AMG you and or your client can obtain term quotes from 17 major insurance carriers and submit our one page application in less than 15 minutes.  It is the easiest system available for writing term life and best of all, you retain control of your case, have 24/7 status updates available and there is no reduction in commissions.

Do you have an impaired risk life case that is difficult to place at an affordable premium?

AMG is the only BGA in Houston with Xrae, Case Clearing House and when appropriate, a medical director to obtain the best offer available.

 Life, LTC, Group Health, Worksite Products, Impaired Risks, Annuities, Dental, Vision, D.I., Occupational Accident, Website Assistance, Marketing Programs, Payroll Services, H.R. Support and Education.

Certify On The Insurance Exchange As An Agent/Broker

No Commission On Genworth Term 250K and Under Unless Esubmitted


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